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Swelling again ... A common cause of a babys anxiety and parents concern is a cramping pain that occurs after feeding the baby and can last for hours.

What causes flatulence and colics?

Immaturity of a babys nervous, digestive and enzyme systems leads to the fact that during weaning, changing of a diet, errors in diet of a nursing mother or during teething, consumed by a baby food is fermented producing gas that causes bloating. Peristaltic movements of the intestine, which contribute to the passage of a bolus, may convert to a spastic contraction, causing severe pain - colics.

What can help your baby?

For prevention and treatment of this common digestive system disorders of children the drugs based on plant extracts are used, so-called Carminativums that act directly on the gastrointestinal tract and normalize the digestion processes.

Carminativum Babynos - is a German herbal medicine for the prevention and pathogenetic treatment of flatulence and colic in children. Its active ingredients include extracts of medicinal plants: fennel, coriander and chamomile. Fennel prevents flatulence, coriander eliminates spasm (cramps) and chamomile has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

Preservatives and colorants are not used in composition. Furthermore, Carminativum Babynos contains no sugar.

Carminativum Babynos, it is drops against swellings taken with a small amount of liquid (cereal, milk and juice). Drops are tasty, so children enjoy taking them.

The medicine is very thrifty: on condition of a regular use one pack is enough for one month.

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