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SILENOR: A New American Product against Snoring

The company “Pharmplanet” presents in the Ukrainian market a new product against snoring - the spray SILENOR™. The novelty is produced in conjunction with the American company L&V Pharmaceutical International LLC.

Snoring is an urgent problem worldwide. According to the statistics, every fifth man and every tenth woman over 35 years snore during sleep. Apart from the problems in the family relationships and physical discomfort, snoring in some cases may lead to the dangerous health consequences. It is proven that snorers may have momentary breathing stops, which leads to oxygen starvation of the brain. Snorers also have a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, heart rhythm disorders and others.

To solve the delicate and unsafe for the health problem such as snoring, in conjunction with the American company L&V Pharmaceutical International LLC there started a production of a new plant-based product SILENOR™. Unlike analogues, it has a more rational, balanced composition, including plant oils, extracts and other active ingredients that have integrated - tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. Due to its special formula, the product quickly and effectively eliminates snoring and its causes.

SILENOR™ contains no ethyl alcohol, artificial colors and flavors, because it is well tolerated and has practically no side effects.

The official distributor of SILENOR™ is the company “Pharmplanet” which has a long-term experience in promoting the effective domestic and imported drugs. Experts believe that the successful entry into the Ukrainian market of the new effective product against snoring SILENOR™ will be promoted by optimal pricing: the retail price of SILENOR™ is by 20-25% more affordable than those of other imported analogues.