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Ukraine Officially Started Sales of German Cosmetics Sebamed

The German manufacturer Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG entrusted the most dynamically developing in the Ukrainian market pharmaceutical company “Pharmplanet” the promotion and distribution of the unique products for skin care.

The German company Sebapharma is engaged in the development of the products Sebamed as medical skin care system from the 1960s in a close collaboration with dermatologists, pharmacists and scientific-research institutes. The uniqueness of the Sebamed cosmetics consists in the pH value of each product which is meticulously formulated to a pH balance of exactly 5.5 - precisely the pH of healthy skin. This approach provides a support of the skin acid mantle, which is a natural barrier and an important "ecosystem" of a human body.

One of the main advantages of the Sebamed cosmetics is that it does not contain the usual components such as soap, alkali, hormones, artificial preservatives, antibiotics, nitro-musk components, nitrosamines, parabens and dioxanes. All products of the Sebamed range contain high-quality active ingredients which cleanse and nourish the skin without destroying the natural acid protection mantle.

Each product Sebamed undergoes required dermatological and clinical studies concerning its safety, efficacy and stability before entering the market. Unlike analogies, Sebamed is tested over the groups of volunteers who have skin problems, rather than with the help of the standard research methods which involve volunteers with healthy skin. Thus, the risk of allergic reactions and irritation are minimized. By contrast: the frequency of allergic reactions after application of the conventional cosmetic products is 1.2 per 1 million units sold (data by the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW).

The same indicator of the Sebamed products is only 1 case per 5 million units sold (data by the company Sebapharma), i.e. six times less. More than 120 scientific studies have tested the high effectiveness and very good skin compatibility of all Sebamed products and confirm their skin care competence for sensitive and problematic skin. That is why dermatologists recommend these cosmetics for regular use for healthy skin care as well as for various dermatological diseases. Today Sebamed is sold in more than 80 countries. The Sebamed range consists of more than 70 items.

Ukrainian pharmacies will focus on the promotion of cosmetics for children (Baby Sebamed), preventative and regenerative skin care, especially for sensitive and problematic skin. Moreover, the Sebamed range offers intimate hygiene products for adults, and various alkali free products for cleansing and skin moistening. The novelty is first to appear in the pharmacy chain "Pani Apteka" and in the national online store paniapteka.ua. In future, Sebamed will become available in other major pharmacy chains.

– Launching of the exclusive German cosmetics Sebamed may be regarded as significant for two reasons, - said the president of the Group of Companies “Pharmplanet” Valeriy Kondruk. – First, Sebamed is not just a line of cosmetics but an innovative medical skin care system. Henceforth, this unique solution will be available to the Ukrainian consumers and it will help many people to solve their health problems. Second, it shows the confidence of our German partners to our national pharmaceutical market and the vision of the prospects of Ukraine on the whole.