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Results of the clinical trial: Folio is the optimal choice for therapeutic and preventive use during pregnancy.


According to the analysis conducted by the University of Meinz (Germany), 50.000 children (ca. 7% newborns) are born with serious disabilities every year. It is possible to prevent efficiently many birth disabilities with the help of folic acid and iodine preparations during pregnancy.

Scientific researches demonstrate that the iodine deficiency of the mother-to-be and caused physiological changes of thyroids are vital for fetal development.
Change of thyroid functioning is seen from the first weeks of pregnancy due to the influence of a number of factors that perform stimulation effect. During this period own fetus’s thyroid does not function (functioning starts from 16-17 weeks) and the whole embryogenesis process is ensured by hormones of mother’s thyroid. This explains that minimal thyroid deficiency or, in other words, iodine deficit can negatively influence on the growth and development of the future child.
Ministry of Healthcare informs that citizens on practically the whole territory of Ukraine have moderate iodine deficiency and almost a third of our population lives in endemic goiter areas.
If folic acids lacks, division and growth of cells are infringed that leads to born anomalies, anemia, digestive problems, mucosal diseases, neurologic dysfunctions due to neural tube’s (spina bifida) defects, mental retardation, and it can cause placental abruption, spontaneous abortion, premature birth of a pregnant woman. That’s why the necessity of taking 400 mkg of folic acid in a day 4 weeks prior conception and at the early stage of pregnancy is stated in the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. 
Folic acid deficit is caused by various reasons: insufficient diet (absence of fresh green vegetables, chicken liver, citruses), malabsorption due to intestinal diseases, taking of antiepileptic drugs, contraception pills, alcohol and increasing body’s need in folic acid during puberty and pregnancy.   

For the last 5 years a number of born children with pathologies caused by iodine and folic acid deficit has grown by 3,5 times. Thus, doctors strongly recommend taking folic acid medicines during pregnancy and breast-feeding period to prevent complications during gestation, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period of a mother and newborn.
According to German Prof. J. Mattias Wenderlein only every tenth woman adequately uses disease prevention measurements taking sufficient quantity of folic acid that could reduce the listed above malformations for more than 50% and even 100%.*

       Among drugs registered in Ukraine, combination of iodine and folic acid Folio (producer – German company Steripharm) can satisfy mother’s daily need in iodine (200 mkg in a day) and folic acid (400 mkg in a day). 

       Numerous researches conducted by both German and Ukrainian scientists prove efficiency and safety of prophylactic administration of Folio. 370 women during the first three months of pregnancy with iodine deficit took part in the clinical trial, conducted by a group of scientists of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Institute of Traditional Medicine.  In many cases Folio was indicated for treatment and prophylaxis. Data of healthy women were taken as control indexes. 

      Trials proved that patients taking Folio experienced significant reduction of complications in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, improvement of fetalcardiotopography indices (FC), exclusion of the possibility of fetal retarded development. The risk of preterm births was registered two times less and anemia of pregnant women three times less than in the group not taking Folio.  

      Doctors emphasize comfortable form of Folio administration (200 mkg potassium iodide and 400 mkg folic acid), best tolerance and lack of adverse effects of a mother, a fetal and a newborn as well as sufficient apprehension of the mechanism of action of each component. Besides, more than 7 year long Folio clinical history, reasonable price and undoubtedly German quality set it as №1 medicine for treatment and prophylaxis of mothers-to-be and breast-feeding women.

*Prof. Dr. Med. J. Mattias Wenderlein, Eythstraße 14, 89075 Ulm, wenderlein@gmx.de