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“Neokaripazim-400”: An Innovative Solution for the Problems of the Spine

The official distributor of the well-known product "Karipazim" the company "Pharmplanet" has launched to the market of Ukraine a new original product for treatment of intervertebral hernia – “Neokaripazim-400”.

On the prevalence the spine problems already rank second after the cardiovascular diseases, and up to 2020 may take a leadership position. These are the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The newest development in this area has become the original enzyme product "Neokaripazim-400", created on the basis of the product "Karipazim", which for many years of clinical use has won the recognition of doctors and helped tens of thousands of patients to get rid of herniated discs without resorting to surgery.

The unique beneficial effects of the product "Neokaripazim-400" are determined by the activity of the proteolytic enzymes of a plant origin, derived from the dried milky juice of papaya, family papaya (Carica papaya L.): papain, chymopapain A and B, papaya peptidase A and B, papaya lysozyme.

The innovative enzyme product of a new generation "Neokaripazim-400" - the only Ukrainian product with an enhanced proteolytic activity of PU 400 (proteolytic units) for treatment of patients with herniated intervertebral discs by means of electrophoresis method.

"Neokaripazim-400" is produced on the basis of an original technology developed by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the IG Kutateladze on a modernized pharmaceutical enterprise "Biopharm" (Georgia). The exclusive representative and importer of the product "Neokaripazim-400" in Ukraine is a pharmaceutical company "Pharmplanet", which takes responsibility for ensuring all necessary transport and storage conditions, including special temperature conditions (2-8 °C).

As President of the Group of Companies "Pharmplanet" Valeriy Kondruk has underlined, "Neokaripazim-400" will be delivered to Ukraine on time and in sufficient quantities, which will ensure the availability of the effective non-surgical solutions for spinal problems of the population. Launch on the pharmaceutical market of the highly secure original product “Neokaripazim-400” is an important step in implementing the company's mission. Attracting the latest developments and international experience, the company "Pharmplanet" provides the Ukrainians with modern medicines and effective solutions for health.