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Austrian Oxygen Water “VitaoxyV” Enters the Ukrainian Market

Ukraine supports the global trends of healthy food consumption. In September 2013 the oxygen water “VitaoxyV”, previously successfully proven in Europe and Russia, enters the national market.

“VitaoxyV” is unique naturally structured non-carbonated water from a water source Burgshtalkvelle, located at an altitude of 1000 meters in the clean mountain conservation area of the Austrian Alps. This water is saturated with oxygen and bottled directly at the extraction site.

The main difference between “VitaoxyV” with the conventional bottled water is high active oxygen content: 55 mg/L versus 6.3 mg/ L. Its use increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, improves blood flow to the brain, metabolism, helps cells to withstand the negative effects of environmental problems, stress, reducing the risk of diseases, including viral diseases and cancer. According to the research, five glasses of oxygen water per day reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 79% and bladder cancer by 50%.

“VitaoxyV” is especially useful for pregnant women in the large cities; it helps to solve the problem of intrauterine hypoxia  oxygen starvation of the fetus. Also it is recommended for professional sportsmen and amateurs involved in fitness. Oxygen consumption of water increases physical activity, endurance and speed.

The exclusive rights for the promotion and realization of the water “VitaoxyV” in Ukraine have been gained by the Group of Companies “Pharmplanet”.

In the last year the sales of the trial batches in Ukraine showed a high interest of people in this product. “VitaoxyV” will be distributed through the largest pharmacy chains (including “Pani Apteka”), a national online store paniapteka.ua, as well as in fitness centers, swimming pools, sports facilities etc.

As President of the Group of Companies “Pharmplanet” Valeriy Kondruk has declared, “VitaoxyV” is an interesting and promising product, not only from a marketing and medical point of view. The oxygen water not only allays thirst, it gives people a new quality of life. Launching it to the market is another step in the realization of the social mission to improve the health of the nation.