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“Pharmplanet” Visited “The Town of Happy Children”

oh, not every adult is capable to endure what these children have undergone. Here, to the rehabilitation center they are brought from dens, basements - hungry and frozen, with mutilated bodies and souls. The center gives them warmth and a new life, a life without fear and hate, but in love, kindness and harmony...

For five years with the help of the charity organization "The Town of Happy Children" 165 kids received help and found a family. This is mainly children who have no parental care or orphans, who are homeless, those who have become victims of their own families, the indifference of others and the society.

Recently the company “Pharmplanet” visited "The Town of Happy Children". As it is accepted, the visitors did not come empty-handed. The necessary medicines were presented to the rehabilitation center as charitable aid, including an antiviral drug "Arpeflu" which is especially necessary in the autumn cold weather for kids with compromised immunity.

- We treat children's souls, teach them to trust adults again, - said the director of the Children Center Lydia Novak. - Together with the children we experience and share their joys and woes. And with each of them we are waiting for their mom and dad. And we sincerely believe that every child is sure to be happy.

- So, what "The Town of Happy Children" does is certainly above all praise, - said the President of the Group of Companies “Pharmplanet” Valeriy Kondruk. - Here the children left without care are helped to become the productive members of the society and gain hope for a prosperous future. That's why we do not hesitate to give a helping hand to this organization, and we want other socially responsible companies to follow our example.