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The pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet is introducing to the Ukrainian market a new natural product for the cholesterol control – LIPINET™

It is known that the increased blood cholesterol and other manifestations of the lipid metabolism disorders are a risk factor and one of the causes of the cardiovascular system diseases. Cholesterol plays an important role in the vital processes of the organism, as it is involved in various biochemical processes in the body. Thus, it participates in the synthesis of vitamin D, steroid hormones of the adrenal cortex, male and female sex hormones, substance transport through the cell membranes. In healthy humans the cholesterol is typically maintained at a certain constant level. But under the influence of harmful factors - genetic predisposition, long-term eating disorders, alcohol abuse, chronic diseases and age-related hormonal changes in the body, there happens a violation of the lipid metabolism with the increased levels of cholesterol in the blood. The excessive cholesterol may form plaques in the vascular walls, reducing the lumen of the arteries and their elasticity, which prevents the normal blood circulation to the vital organs and body systems. Consequently, high cholesterol is a major factor in the development of systemic atherosclerosis that affects the entire vascular system.

The main manifestations of the atherosclerotic lesions are stenocardia and heart failure, sensitivity to cold and pain in the limbs, memory loss, intellectual impairment and others.

In order to maintain normal levels of cholesterol and lipid metabolism, it is advisable to reduce consumption of foods high in cholesterol, but in certain disorders, doctors recommend the administration of special drugs containing statins - the substances that reduce cholesterol levels. Today statins are among the most common groups of drugs in the world, but at long-term use they often cause side effects. As a result, the actual problem is to find new, effective and safe means to maintain normal cholesterol levels.
The pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet is introducing to the Ukrainian market a new natural product for the cholesterol control – LIPINET™

In November 2015, the pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet is introducing to the Ukrainian market a new natural product for the cholesterol control – LIPINET™, developed by SANWEZZA LAB GmbH (Austria) and manufactured by NOVALIK-PHARM.

The product includes Red Yeast Rice, which was used in the ancient times to protect against heart disease and to prolong life, as well as polyunsaturated OMEGA-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a full daily living.

LIPINET™ is an innovative product, the main advantages of which are:

1. the combination of a standardized Red Yeast Rice extract with a high content of natural lovastatin (4%) and OMEGA-3 fatty acids - two of the most potent natural lipid-lowering drugs for the secure support of the cholesterol level;

2. the use of the innovative forms of OMEGA-3 fatty acids in the form of microcapsules (manufactured by BASF, Germany), which contributes to the conservation of the raw material properties and their assimilation by the body;

3. the high level of safety in comparison with other statins, due to the natural origin of the product;

4. a complex effect on the lipid metabolism with normal levels of cholesterol and reduction of the inflammation in the blood vessel walls that prevents the development of atherosclerosis and vascular accidents (heart attacks and strokes).
The ability of the Red Yeast Rice extract to lower cholesterol levels in the blood is due mainly to the presence of a natural lovastatin in its composition (monacolin). Unlike chemical statins, Red Rice is perceived by the body as a healthy food: it is well tolerated and has no side effects.

OMEGA-3 fatty acids, derived from marine fish, also prevent the development of atherosclerosis and other diseases.
ОМЕГА-3 жирные кислоты
OMEGA-3 fatty acids are the structural material for the brain and retina, they provide the production of inflammatory prostaglandins involved in maintaining the balance of lipids and improve the function of the immune system.

LIPINET™ is recommended for the lipid metabolism improvement, maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and the functional condition of the cardiovascular system and for the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases and their complications (heart attacks and strokes).

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