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Colic and flatulence in infants better treated by herbal medicines


Complex herbal medicines undergone clinical trials fully confirm their efficiency and safety at prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases and syndromes, namely, functional dysfunctions in infants represented by colic and flatulence. Galina Beketova, Ph.D., prof., deputy of children and teenager diseases department in NMAPO, set forth these conclusions in her scientific report “Colic in infants. Correction methods.” at the Ukrainian Pediatric Conference on 21-22 April, Zaporizhye.
More than 400 doctors – pediatricians and allergists- were present at the conference. Professor G. Beketova’s report evoked high interest among participants, as reasons and risks of functional dysfunctions of gastrointestinal tract in infants were covered meticulously. Besides, indications for use of comprehensive measurements for prophylaxis and treatment of colic by preparations of natural origin were presented.
Galina Beketova outlined exclusive efficiency of unique multicomponent herbal preparation Carnavitum BABYNOS, Germany, on mechanism of intestinal disorders in infants in their first years of life. Each component of this preparation (fennel, coriander, chamomile) prevents and fully remedies flatulence and colic. Thus, a child stops crying and raising legs already after 10 minutes from taking of the preparation. Medicine is sugar-free and rarely allergic. Natural composition of Carnavitum BABYNOS guarantees high level of safety, peaceful sleep of a child and its mother, improved level of family’s life quality. According to Beketova, this preparation truly proves indisputable advantage of herbal medicines compared to chemical, which is really vital when we are talking about children.