We provide professional distribution promotion of medical and health products on the territory of Ukraine, ensuring high sales results.
Marketing and promotion
We provide to manufacturers a full range of services such as launching and qualified marketing support for medical and health products.
Product Registration
We provide to manufacturers professional support concerning registration of drugs, medical devices and health products, including document preparation and maintenance in government authorities.
We offer complex logistic services, including safe storage, freight, documentation support and "turn-key" customs escort.
Contract Manufacturing
We produce modern medical and health products, including self-engineered preparations, at the high-technology factories of the global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.




Pharmplanet Ltd. has a significant experience in the pharmaceutical market and a cohesive team of professionals. This allows us to provide a full range of services from a manufacturer to a final consumer: an expert assessment, analysis, recommendation to the manufacturers, product registration, marketing promotion, active distribution and retail sales. Our central office is located in Kiev; also we have offices in 16 cities of Ukraine, metropolitan and regional warehouses, our own retail.

More than 1000 people work in Pharmplanet Ltd. Our leading specialists have 20-year experience of a successful work at the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. Now we are confidently heading for creation of an international company — a leader in the pharmaceutical industry sector. For the purpose of our lofty goals we form a team of professionals, top managers and specialists in the pharmaceutical industry. We need staff members who will participate in the implementation of the Company's Goals and take responsibility for their achievement. That is why our company has a successful employee incentive system with reference to the key indicators (KPI). We select those employees who share the key principles of the Company:

* Focus on achieving results;

* Teamwork and team synergy;

* High level of independence and responsibility;

* Customer focus;

* Professionalism and development;

* An innovative approach;

* Formulation and implementation of tasks and timelines

Pharmplanet Ltd builds job relationships with the staff based on the principles of STABILITY, BENEVOLENCE and RESPECT, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT.


We create all the conditions for our staff to maximize their professional and creative abilities. We provide the opportunity to earn and receive a decent payment. Each employee can be sure to have a regular steady job.


The company cares of its staff and believes that every employee deserves to be respected and appreciated at work, because we understand that an employee’s dedication and loyalty to the Company cannot be bought, it can only be earned. At the same time, it is common among the Company’s employees to cooperate and support each other, without doing the work for the other. Respect for the colleagues and clients is a rule for us. For its part, the Company provides comfortable conditions of work in the workplace, official transport for business purposes, transportation service for work purposes and for staff delivery to and from work.


The Company appreciates the work of its staff and initiates the systematic development and training. The Company provides the BL Retail employees constant trainings in order to improve customer service standards and sales techniques. For the Management Company employees it includes webinars, internal and external training.

If you are ready to grow and develop, to take responsibility, to overcome numerous difficulties and be a part of a global business - then we are waiting for you.