We provide professional distribution promotion of medical and health products on the territory of Ukraine, ensuring high sales results.
Marketing and promotion
We provide to manufacturers a full range of services such as launching and qualified marketing support for medical and health products.
Product Registration
We provide to manufacturers professional support concerning registration of drugs, medical devices and health products, including document preparation and maintenance in government authorities.
We offer complex logistic services, including safe storage, freight, documentation support and "turn-key" customs escort.
Contract Manufacturing
We produce modern medical and health products, including self-engineered preparations, at the high-technology factories of the global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.


Phamplanet became the official distributor of new products for oral and nose care AQUASINUS and AQUASINUS PLUS

Aerosols AQUASINUS and AQUASINUS PLUS are produced in Ukraine for Novalik-Pharm LLC in partnership with pharmaceutical company SANWEZZA (Austria).


Pharmaceutical Company Pharmplanet Introduced to Ukrainian Market a New Product for Immune System Restoration and Maintenance Immune 44

IMMUNE 44 is a special patented complex of vitamins and minerals to restore and maintain the function of the immune system during the season of respiratory diseases.


In Search of Health System Development Strategy in Ukraine

On October 21, 2016 in Kiev took place II "Ukrainian Forum on Health '16", the main theme of which was the reform of the health system and attraction of investment in this sector. Forum for the second time brought together more than 500 participants from 23 countries to discuss the possibilities of attracting investments in the health sector and to address the most pressing challenges the industry.


Pharmplanet and Novalik-Pharm at CPhI Worldwide 2016 in Barcelona

In October, in Barcelona took place pharmaceutical exhibition CPhI Worldwide 2016, the largest annual event, which involves leading pharmaceutical companies from around the world suppliers, manufacturers, distributors.


President of PHARMPLANET Valeriy Kondruk Developed the Author's Concept of a New Health Organization in Ukraine

The purpose of the Concept is to build a new health organization in Ukraine, taking into account the current state of the healthcare industry, the professional experience of the medical staff, the existing infrastructure of medical facilities, the experience of countries that have the undeniable successes in the development of medicine and public health organizations and WHO recommendations for healthcare organizations.


Pharmaceutical Company Pharmplanet Introduced to Ukrainian Market a New Product for Prevention and Treatment of Urinary System Diseases Urimixol

Pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet introduced to Ukrainian market a new product for prevention and treatment of urinary system diseases URIMIXOL, developed by SANWEZZA LAB (Austria) and manufactured by NOVALIK-PHARM.


Pharmplanet Has Opened a New Warehouse Complex of European Level

On April 4, 2016, one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors of Ukraine, Pharmplanet LLC, opened its own warehouse in Khotiv Village, Kyiv region, 3 Promyslova Str.. The warehouse expansion will allow to provide the customer service that meets European standards.


The pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet is introducing to the Ukrainian market a new natural product for the cholesterol control LIPINET

In November 2015, the pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet is introducing to the Ukrainian market a new natural product for the cholesterol control LIPINET, developed by SANWEZZA LAB GmbH (Austria) and manufactured by NOVALIK-PHARM.



The company "Pharmplanet" continues the trend of active conquest of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and demonstrates new achievements. According to the analysis of the specialized weekly publication Apteka No. 35 (1006), "Pharmplanet" took the second place in the ranking of suppliers by volume of tender procurement of drugs in terms of money at the expense of local budgets in the 1st half of 2015. And it took the 12th place as the supplier of drugs at the expense of the governmental + local budgets. As it is known, the local budget is disposed by the provincial, municipal and district health facilities.


Group of Companies Pharmplanet was Successfully Audited by Pfizer for Compliance with Business Requirements

The leader of the world's pharmaceutical market - the company Pfizer - began its cooperation with one of the largest national pharmaceutical distributors - Pharmplanet. This decision was taken based on the results of the company's compliance program audit.


Pharmplanet Introduced a New Cartilage Protector Supraflex to the Ukrainian Market

Group of Companies Pharmplanet began an active promotion of the combined natural cartilage protector Supraflex developed by Sanwezza Lab (Austria).


Pharmplanet Launched PROHEPAR CARD Social Project

As a part of the social mission to improve the health of the Ukrainian nation Pharmplanet - the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Ukraine - developed and implemented a PROHEPAR CARD social project.


Pharmplanet develops and implements Anti-Corruption Program of the Company

Pharmplanet group of companies based on the Law of Ukraine On Prevention of Corruption as of October, 14 2014, On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and On the Principles of State Anti-Corruption Policy in Ukraine (Anti-Corruption Strategy) for 2014-2017 develops and implements Anti-Corruption Program of the company.


Pharmplanet Opened Modern Pharmaceutical Warehouse in Dnipropetrovsk

The Company Pharmplanet - one of the leading distributors in the domestic pharmaceutical market - is expanding its logistics facilities: a new regional pharmaceutical complex of more than 1200 m2 was opened in April in Dnipropetrovsk.



Pharmplanet, LLC reports that according to the technical conditions of our products manufacturing - dietary supplements HEPANAZE, SITOPROSTAT, DEKLIMANS using capsules of a certain color is not regulated.


The company Pharmplanet presented gifts to the children-migrants from ATO

The journey of the initiative group to the children of immigrants-zone ATO gave the children and volunteers have lots of fun moments, a piece of warmth and gifts.


The company Pharmplanet delivers medicines to the Ukrainian Army for the special social prices

One of the leaders of the market, company Pharmplanet, which is the fifth largest domestic pharmaceutical distributors, has delivered drugs according to an agreement with the Ukrainian Defence Ministry from early December.


The company Pharmplanet participated in the Pharmacy Ukraine Summit - 2014

The Pharmacy Ukraine Summit 2014 took place on December 16 attended by MPs, representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Chairman of State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products, Executive Director of Pharmacy professional organization, heads of companies - leading players of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.


The company Pharmplanet participated in IX Business Forum Innovations in communications. Trends 2015

How to retain customers and increase their loyalty? How to innovate, to move to multimedia content and what benefits for business? How to "humanize" the brand and add emotions to employees, partners and customers dialogue? How to correctly configure the corporate communication in social networks?...


The company Novalik-Pharm introduced a new original drug for the treatment of joints Kartilium based on the Devil's claw root

Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Novalik-Pharm has launched a natural anti-inflammatory and analgetic Kartilium developed jointly with the Austrian company Sanwezza Lab GmbH.


The company Pharmplanet introduced the original German hepatoprotector Prohepar to the market of Ukraine

The product portfolio of the company Pharmplanet has been expanded to a new drug Prohepar - synergistic hepatoprotective combinationbased on liver hydrolysate received from calves and enriched by cyanocobalamin, choline, myo-inositol and cysteine.


The company Pharmplanet became the official distributor of German drug Curavisc for joints treatment in Ukraine

In the product portfolio of the pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet there appeared an original drug Curavisc from the German manufacturer urasan, specializes in the development of regenerative medicine area.


Following the results of 9 months the company Pharmplanet topped the Evolution Index ranking among distributors

According to data published in a specialized weekly Apteka (#964 from 11-03-14), the rate of growth dynamics - Evolution Index of the company Pharmplanet in January-September 2014 comprised 224 points.


Results of CPhI Worldwide 2014: Novalik-Pharm and Pharmplanet signed international manufacturing contracts of innovative drugs and presented its own unique immunomodulator Beta-Immun

This year, CPhI Worldwide celebrates its 25th anniversary. Specifically to this date the organizers arranged a competition Top 25 Success Stories. According to the decision of the jury, Pharmplanet was included in the list of 25 most successful pharmaceutical world's companies for most dynamic development of the market.


Pharmplanet became a top-five among pharmaceutical distributors in Ukraine

Pharmplanet today is the leader in terms of sales growth in the wholesale pharmaceutical market, as evidenced by the increase in sales + 88.3% in the first half of 2014 compared to the same period of 2013.


Pharmplanet has made its contribution to the education and development of the healthy generation

The company's team provided a charitable financial support to their old friends the Socium, educational complex #240 in Kyiv.


Ukrainian companies Pharmplanet and Novalik-Pharm will take part in the annual pharmaceutical exhibition CPhI Worldwide 2014 in Paris

October 7-9, 2014 in Paris take place the key pharmaceutical industry exhibition and conference CPhI Worldwide, which annually attracts suppliers of substances, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, as well as top experts in the field of pharmacy.


Insurance company Krayina extends cooperation with Pharmplanet

Today Krayina insures the entire fleet of Pharmplanet as well as some of the other assets: premises and goods turnover.


Pharmplanet Opened a New Logistics Complex in Lviv

The modern logistics center of Pharmplanet, located on the outskirts of the city Vynnyky, allows to deliver, store and ship more than 3 million.


The company Pharmplanet moved to a new office

In connection with the expansion of the company's business, Pharmplanet moved to a new office located at: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Vyshneve district, Mila Village, 23 L Komarova str.


"Pharmplanet" rendered medicines to Kiev Military Hospital for injured Ukrainian soldiers

Last weekend our company visited the Kiev Military Hospital with an important social mission. The representatives of "Pharmplanet" rendered to the Ukrainian soldiers injured in the ATO area the preparations necessary for their fast recovery.


The company "Pharmplanet" signed a contract with the German manufacturer for the supply of the product "Prohepar to Ukraine

In the product portfolio of the pharmaceutical company "Pharmplanet" there appeared a genuine multi-drug "Prohepar" for the treatment of the liver diseases.


The representatives of the Bayer Group conducted an audit of the company "Pharmplanet" and confirmed its compliance with the international requirements of GDP and GSP

The world leader in the sphere of health products manufacture - Bayer - began a partnership with the largest domestic pharmaceutical distributor - "Pharmplanet. This decision was made based on a detailed study of the capacity, supply chain and approaches to the organization of work with the Ukrainian partners.


A unique product for treatment of venous disease enters the market of Ukraine

The pharmaceutical company "Pharmplanet" represents in the Ukrainian market a new original venotonic "Venoda", developed by the Austrian company Sanwezza Lab GmbH.


In pharmacies appeared "Tribustim" - a powerful natural product to enhance potency and libido

New domestic product is an original development of the Ukrainian pharmacists. They managed to create a safe natural stimulant of testosterone synthesis and sexual function enhancement, successfully competing with hormonal products.


Ukraine Officially Started Sales of German Cosmetics Sebamed

The German manufacturer Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG entrusted the most dynamically developing in the Ukrainian market pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet the promotion and distribution of the unique products for skin care.


The latest development of the American and Ukrainian pharmacists an innovative product DryVir eliminates the manifestations of herpes in 48 hours!

The product, jointly produced by the companies L&V Pharmaceutical International LLC (USA) and Novalik-Pharm (Ukraine), was created on a natural basis, using the unique properties of the alder cones, which makes it highly effective against the herpes infections.


The Company "Pharmplanet" Showed the Best Growth Dynamics in the Ukrainian Market of Medicinal Products Distribution

On the eve of the New Year the company "Pharmplanet" became the author of the sensational news. According to the research by the company "Morion", in November 2013 it showed the largest increase among the leaders of the distribution (25 %). This is 10.5 times higher than the average market dynamics and significantly higher than those of the nearest competitor among the top six distributors, three of which showed a drop.


Pharmplanet Visited The Town of Happy Children

Recently the company Pharmplanet visited "The Town of Happy Children". As it is accepted, the visitors did not come empty-handed. The necessary medicines were presented to the rehabilitation center as charitable aid, including an antiviral drug "Arpeflu" which is especially necessary in the autumn cold weather for kids with compromised immunity.


Little Patients of the Kyiv Cancer Center Received a Chemotherapy Drug as Charity

On November 1 the representatives of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Ukraine, UN Agency for Refugees and the company Pharmplanet handed the Children Unit of the Kyiv City Oncology Center the drug "Carboplatin" for a course of chemotherapy.


New Product in the Brand Line of the Company "Pharmplanet" - "Apiproposol"

A new product APIPROPOSOL entered the national pharmaceutical market in October 2013 - a new product in the portfolio of "Pharmplanet" LLC released under its own trademark.


SILENOR: A New American Product against Snoring

The company Pharmplanet presents in the Ukrainian market a new product against snoring - the spray SILENOR. The novelty is produced in conjunction with the American company L&V Pharmaceutical International LLC.


Neokaripazim-400: An Innovative Solution for the Problems of the Spine

The official distributor of the well-known product "Karipazim" the company "Pharmplanet" has launched to the market of Ukraine a new original product for treatment of intervertebral hernia Neokaripazim-400.


Austrian Oxygen Water VitaoxyV Enters the Ukrainian Market

Ukraine supports the global trends of healthy food consumption. In September 2013 the oxygen water VitaoxyV, previously successfully proven in Europe and Russia, enters the national market.


Spray "Panthenol" is Now Released for Pharmplanet LLC

In the line of the proprietary products of the Group of Companies Pharmplanet there has appeared a well-known spray Panthenol.


Sitoprostat is thirty!

Released by the Group of Companies Pharmplanet the proprietary original product  a combined fito-drug Sitoprostat is now produced in a new budget-friendly package containing 30 capsules!


DEKLIMANS is the third product in the portfolio of Pharmplanet Group of companies, released under own trade mark.

DEKLIMANS is the third product in the portfolio of Pharmplanet Group of companies, released under own trade mark. It contains a balanced complex of phytoestrogens, which help to prevent and reduce womens psychosomatic disorders in premenopausal period and climacteric syndrome.


Criteria for ban on advertising OTC medicines: Questions and Answers

Ministry of Health of Ukraine by its Order 422 of June 6, 2012., hich entered into force July 30, 2012, established criteria for determining non-prescription medicines, advertising is prohibited, which gave pharmaceutical market ground for reflection. Despite the fact that at first glance, the criteria are perceived rigid prescriptive tool, a legal nuance of confirms that it is not.


Press Service


PC Pharmplanet introduces to the Ukrainian market FITESTEN- cutting-edge unique preparation for gastrointestinal treatment and prophylaxis

Company Pharmplanet introduces to the Ukrainian market FITESTEN- cutting-edge unique product of the European quality, produced by BF-esse, Latvia in the first decade of September 2011.


Company Pharmplanet - official distributor of Set Medikal syringes

Since August of the current year profile of exclusive products of pharmaceutical company Pharmplanet has been supplemented with the range of insulin, two and three component injection syringes used in medical practice of volumes - 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 ml produced by Set Medikal (Turkey).


CARIPAZYM, 350 PU vials, produced by Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry, (Georgia)-the only officially registered preparation for spine and joins treatment

As the illegal sales of pharmaceutical production has scaled up in Ukraine, pharmaceutical company distributor of medical preparations Pharmplanet is committed to warn all market players as well as healthcare authorities about fake preparations with the trade name CARIPAZYM, 350 PU vials.


Results of the clinical trial: Folio is the optimal choice for therapeutic and preventive use during pregnancy.

According to the analysis conducted by the University of Meinz (Germany), 50.000 children (ca. 7% newborns) are born with serious disabilities every year. It is possible to prevent efficiently many birth disabilities with the help of folic acid and iodine preparations during pregnancy.


Colic and flatulence in infants better treated by herbal medicines

Complex herbal medicines undergone clinical trials fully confirm their efficiency and safety at prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases and syndromes, namely, functional dysfunctions in infants represented by colic and flatulence.


Karipazim and Alflutop gained acknowledgment of traumatologists and orthopedists

On the10-11th March in Saki was held Ukrainian scientific-practical conference Rehabilitation of patients with lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

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